List of all White Papers for 2010 Meeting

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AdamsDDAdamsLarval transport along the East Pacific Rise
AdamsMMAdamsLinking Biogeochemistry to Microbial Activity and Distribution in a Sedimented Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystem
AkermanNAkermanResearch Opportunities and Educational Outreach Activities for Non-Traditional Groups
AnantharamanKAnantharamanMicrobial ecology of deep sea hydrothermal plumes
BakerEBakerHow are event plume fluids generated?
BaxterNBaxterGeochemical Diversity of Near-Ridge Seamounts: Insights into Oceanic Magmatic Processes and Sources
BeaulieusbeaulieuLarval abundance and dispersal at deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the southern Mariana Trough: comparison to Ridge 2000 EPR ISS
BeinartRBeinartExamining Links among Symbiont Physiology, Holobiont Distribution and Physicochemical Habitats at Hydrothermal Vents
BemisKBemisTidal-scale variations in plumes and their implications for estimating vent-scale heat fluxes
BennettSBennettThe effect of microorganisms on chemical speciation within the hydrothermal plume
BestMBestNEPTUNE Canada installations at Endeavour Ridge
BlackmanDBlackmanConsidering physical implications of petrological, geochemical, and seafloor morphology inferences on mantle heterogeneity and melting
BourbonnaisABourbonnaisOceanic fixed nitrogen sinks and associated bacterial communities in the hydrothermal vents of the Juan de Fuca Ridge
BreierjbreierThe influence of biogeochemical processes on the exchange of material between the lithosphere and the oceans
CanovasPCanovasMerging reaction path models with spatial and temporal data on ridge systems to predict the timing and location of microbial habitat generation
CarbottecarbotteComparisons of the EPR and Endeavour ISS: Near-axis melt anomalies, segmentation of axial melt, and propagating ridge offsets
CartonHCartonMulti-channel seismic imaging study of the magmatic system at the EPR 9°50’N ISS
CaryCCaryMicrobial adaptation to intense physicochemical gradients
CormiermcormierHow are volcanic eruptions distributed in time and space along mid-ocean ridges, and how do they relate to hydrothermal, seismic, and biological activity?
CurewitzDCurewitzCo-registration of historical maps of Icelandic rift zones reveal changes in shallow crustal permeability and hydrothermal systematics in concert with local seismic and magmatic events: Implications for investigation of the R2K focus.
DickGDickMicrobial biogeochemistry in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes: revealing the processes, players, and implications of microbially-mediated geochemistry.
Di IorioDDiIorioEntrainment as a function of horizontal cross flows and their affect on hydrothermal plume vertical velocity and turbulence
DreyerBDreyerRefining timescales and magnitudes of recent volcanological and geochemical variability at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge
DunnRDunnContrasting crustal production and rapid mantle transitions beneath the Eastern Lau Spreading Center
DurantDDurantCrystallization and Axial Depth Along the East Pacific Rise
DziakBDziakExplosion and Volcanic Debris Records from West Mata Volcano, Northeast Lau Basin
FaroughAFaroughModeling hydrothermal circulation at the East Pacific Rise ISS site
FerriniferriniAdvances in Data Sharing Related to the Ridge 2000 Program
FiskMFiskMicrobial-basalt interaction
FloresGFloresAbiotic Controls of Microbial Biogeography in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Deposits
FornaridfornariTime Series Temperature Measurements at MOR Hydrothermal Vents
FoustoukosdfoustoukosExperimental Constraints on the Metabolic Rates and Growth Efficiency of Seafloor Microbial Communities across Redox and Thermal Gradients
FrankKFrankExamining the Distribution of Functional Capacity and Metabolic Activity of Endolithic Microbial Communities within Hydrothermal Vent Structures
FundisAFundisLava Morphology and Geochemistry: Insights into MOR eruption dynamics
GartmanAGartmanSulfur speciation in the diffuse flow zones of Lau Basin
GillJGillCrustal controls on magma reservoirs at Endeavour
GirguisPGirguisAllying microbial phylogenetic and functional diversity to the geochemical milieu: studying endolithic microbial communities via in situ laboratories
Goehring, Robigou, Ellins, Kappel, Barbaro, HerrenLGoehringNew paradigms for expanding education and outreach for oceanographic and earth science
GovenarbgovenarThe role of primary consumers in models of ecosystem processes at hydrothermal vents
GrahamDGrahamDegassing During a Seafloor Eruption along the Mid-Ocean Ridge: Helium, Argon and Carbon Isotopes in Basalts from the East Pacific Rise Integrated Study Site
GreggPGreggModeling mantle melting at mid-ocean ridges
HaymonRHaymonChimney Time Series: A Spatial-Temporal Record of Hydrothermal System Response to a Full EPR Eruption Cycle
Holden, StewartjholdenHydrogen limits on growth and maintenance energy estimates for thermophiles and hyperthermophiles
HooftEHooftLinking Stress Changes And Hydrothermal Activity During A Non-Eruptive Spreading Event
HoughtonJHoughtonTechniques for evaluating the variety and rates of biogeochemical processes in seafloor hydrothermal systems
HowellJHowellChanges in the formation of axial volcanic edifices in response to changes in magma supply
JamiesonJJamiesonNew geochronological constraints on hydrothermal venting at the Endeavour ISS
KadkoDKadkoFluid crustal residence time
KelloggJKelloggHeat and chemical flux variability within Main Endeavour Field from 2000, 2004
KinseyJKinseyThe Next-Generation of Mid-Ocean Ridge Technology: Developing Vehicles, Sensors, and Autonomy for Advancing Scientific Surveying, Sampling, and Observation
LarsonBLarsonReactive Transport Modeling of Biogeochemical Processes at Main Endeavour Field
LavelleBLavelleHydrodynamical models of water column concentrations and fluxes in hydrothermal regions
LinTLinModeling the rates and constraints of hyperthermophilic Fe(III) oxide reduction
LoveBLoveVolatiles in hydrothermal fluids help constrain phase separation and water rock reactions
LowellrlowellModeling Magma-Hydrothermal Processes at Oceanic Spreading Centers
LuptonJLuptonDistinguishing Arc, Back-arc and Hotspot Affinities in the Northern Lau Basin
LuthergwlutherIn situ diffuse flow chemistry and discrete bottle focused flow chemistry at 9 deg 50’ N EPR
MacdonaldKMacdonaldWhy are mid-ocean ridges segmented? What time-scales apply to the different spatial scales of segmentation?
ManghnaniMManghnaniPhysical Properties and Water Content of Volcanic Glasses and Olivines Included in Submarine Volcaniclastic Rocks from North Lau Eruption Sites
MartinezFMartinezAbrupt along- and across-axis changes in crustal structure at the Eastern Lau Spreading Center imply rapid changes in mantle composition and mode of advection to the ridge.
McClainJMcclainObservations of the northern, “magma-starved”, segment of the East Pacific Rise ISS
MeileCMeileCarbon assimilation at hydrothermal vents: Quantitative linkages between biotic responses to physico-chemical fluid conditions.
MichaelPMichaelH2O, Cl, F and S contents in magmas from Eastern Lau Spreading Center and Valu Fa Ridge: Implications for crustal porosity, magma degassing, hydrothermal chemistry, and mantle melting
MontesiLMontesiMelt Focusing At Oceanic Spreading Centers
MutterJMutterWhat are the time scales of ridge processes?
NielsenRNielsenThe trace element compositional diversity of anorthitic plagioclase: Implications for magma storage and transport in the oceanic crust
OlinsHOlinsMicrobe-mineral associations within hydrothermal vent sulfides
PerfitMPerfitFrom Mantle to Magma to Gabbros to Basalts to Hydrothermal Vents: How do we put the pieces together?
ProskurowskiGProskurowskiReconciling vent volatile fluid chemistry across Lau Basin with rock geochemistry
PyleDPyleMantle and magma dynamics along the mid-ocean ridge system: combining ISS-scale with regional-scale perspectives
RogersKRogersBioenergetics in deep-sea hydrothermal systems
RonaPRonaCabled Observatory Vent Imaging Sonar (COVIS)
RubinkrubinThe causes and effects of melt supply variations on ridge volcanism and tectonism
Rubin-etalkrubinTime and length scales of volcanic unrest signatures at submarine volcanoes
Rubin-FornarikrubinA Working Group Approach to Integration and Synthesis of Mid-Ocean Ridge Studies
RussoCRussoU-series constraints on magma supply, mantle source and melt migration along mid-ocean ridge spreading centers
SaltersVSaltersLength scales of mantle heterogeneities and mantle control on ridge segmentation?
SchulteMSchulteMid-ocean ridge biogeochemistry and the search for extraterrestrial life
Seewald, WheatjseewaldTemporal Evolution of Vent Fluid Chemistry at the Lau ISS
SeyfriedWSeyfriedIn-Situ Chemical Sensors: Their Development, Testing and Future Directions for RIDGE Science
ShockEShockReaction Progress and Microbial Communities
SievertssievertAn Integrated Approach to Study Energy Metabolism, Carbon Fixation, and Colonization Mechanisms in Chemosynthetic Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents
SmithJSmithEmerging patterns of global biogeography of Epsilonproteobacteria at deep-sea hydrothermal vents
SouleAASouleLinking seafloor geology (volcanism, tectonism, and seafloor morphology) to crustal melt distribution and transport.
SouleDDSouleEndeavour Integrated Studies Site: Distribution of fin whales above hydrothermal vent fields. Extending ridge studies beyond “mantle to microbe” to encompass “mantle to mammal”.
StamCStamA Hydrothermal Vent Biosampler for Filtration and Concentration of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids
SylvanJSylvanMicrobial Biogeography and Biogeochemistry of Hydrothermal Plumes and Seafloor Rock Substrates
TiveyMTiveyCrustal controls on the pattern of hydrothermal circulation at mid-ocean ridges
TolstoyMTolstoyIntegrating earthquake data from the East Pacific Rise ISS at 9°50’N
TonerBTonerBiogeochemistry of iron in hydrothermal plumes
ToomeyDToomeyGeophysical Studies of Spreading Centers
WanlessDWanlessRole of Assimilation in Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmatism
WeeklyRWeeklySeismicity and Upper-Crustal Structure of the Endeavour ISS
WhiteSWhiteLinkages and decoupling in the magmatic system between mantle and seafloor
WilcockWWilcockSeismological Studies of Magma-Hydrothermal Interactions