2009 R2K Community Meeting

2009 R2K Community Meeting: Developing a holistic view of oceanic spreading center processes

Link to Workshop report (PDF, 7.2 MB)

The Ridge 2000 Integration and Synthesis workshop will focus on comparisons of results from interdisciplinary studies and models generated from the three Integrated Study Sites (ISS), Time Critical Studies, and research at other oceanic spreading centers. The goal of the meeting will be to integrate datasets and to synthesize conceptual and empirical models of oceanic spreading center processes. An important objective is to provide an opportunity for the Ridge 2000 community to discuss and develop cross-ISS and interdisciplinary papers that broaden the scope of individual Ridge 2000 studies.

All participants will be required to submit an abstract, and there will be an emphasis on the poster session as a venue for presenting results of field programs, laboratory analyses, and models. Abstract text will be one-page and must include two parts: 1) a summary of research, 2) a description of how results of the research could be integrated with other datasets or models. An additional page with a figure or figures that illustrate(s) results relevant to integration and synthesis is encouraged.

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