Thematic Working Groups

Each Thematic Working Group will be comprised of ~10 participants who will engage in discussions before, during, and following the meeting to integrate data sets and generate synthesis manuscripts for publication. New Working Groups can be proposed and organized before or during the meeting.

Please link below or in the left menu to the Thematic Working Groups.

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Meeting Participants: Log in and Click HERE for Post-Meeting Follow-Ups

R2K Steering Committee member reporting for each working group:

Biogeochem WG (including all 3 subgroups) – George L.
Biogeogr/Adaptn WG – Jim H.
Chem/heat fluxes – Bill L.
Crustal controls – Dennis G.
Education/outreach – Deb K.
Events/responses – Milene C.
Mantle melt – Ken R.
Sensors/tech – Deb K.

For Working Group Protocols, please click on the attached PDF file: