List of all Poster Abstracts for 2010 Meeting

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AnantharamanKAnantharamanGenomic insights into deep-sea hydrothermal plumes
BeaulieusbeaulieuGlobal distribution of hydrothermal vent fields
BourbonnaisABourbonnaisDenitrication as the dominant N-elimination process in hydrothermal vents of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, North-East Pacific Ocean
CooperCStamEvaluation of the Molecular Diversity of samples collected using a Hydrothermal Vent Biosampler
DreyerBDreyerUranium-series disequilibria of inflated sections of the Juan de Fuca Ridge: Implications for mantle melting
FaroughAFaroughPreliminary model of hydrothermal circulation at East Pacific Rise 9°50 N constrained by thermal, chemical, and seismic data
FiskMFiskBasalt mineral oxidation by ocean crust bacteria (Scientific Program ISME-13, Seattle, USA, 22-27 August 2010)
HowellJHowellChanges in the formation of axial volcanic edifices in response to changes in magma supply rate
JamiesonJJamiesonAge of the Endeavour Vent Field
LinTLinIron respiration as a common endolithic metabolism among hyperthermophiles in mildly reducing hydrothermal vents
RonaPRonaCabled Observatory Vent Imaging Sonar (COVIS) Connected to NEPTUNE Canada Cabled Observatory
SouleDDSouleEndeavour Integrated Studies Site: Distribution of fin whales above hydrothermal vent fields
WanlessDWanlessMid-Ocean Ridge Dacites
WeeklyRWeeklyTermination of a decadal-scale ridge-spreading event observed using a seafloor seismic network on the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge
XuGXuInteraction of a hydrothermal plume with the ambient ocean as measured by acoustic scintillation and an integral model