For Contributing Authors - Ridge 2000 Special Issue of Oceanography Magazine

March 2, 2011, revised with ISS article guidelines March 18, REVISED Table of Contents 22 June 2011
Guidelines and deadlines for manuscript submissions and other information

Dear Contributing Authors:

Thank you again for agreeing to write manuscripts for inclusion in the Ridge 2000 Special Issue of Oceanography Magazine.

We have provided below as an attached PDF file the current version of the Table of Contents (ToC) so you can also see who else will be contributing to the issue and the topics to be covered.

Please consult the Oceanography Magazine author guidelines as you are preparing your manuscripts:

Our general objectives and article page lengths for the R2K Special Issue are posted at:

Here are the deadlines that we have set up in consideration of the Feb/Mar 2012 publication target for the R2K Special Issue. We certainly will appreciate early submissions of papers as that will help us meet our overall deadlines and help with the manuscript reviews, editing and layout. 

April 1 - Response from Authors re: title, authorship, length, and figure requirements

July 1 - Manuscript status reports and Abstracts of articles to be submitted and progress on any special figures requiring R2K office & WHOI Graphics assistance

Sept. 1 - Final submission of all manuscripts and figures to the R2K office. 

We will likely set up a ftp site for manuscript and figure submission and we will update you all on this in the next few months.

From email March 2, 2011:

There will be 3 ISS articles each dealing with integration and synthesis summaries of work carried out at each ISS.  We are providing those lead authors with some additional guidelines to consider, but we also ask that those of you writing papers that are ISS specific please contact the lead authors of the ISS articles in order to link your work with what they will be presenting.
Click to download ISS article guidelines PDF

We are requesting that you reply to us with your estimates of whether your article will be, either a 'long' article, 'short' article, or a box.  In addition, if you could consider the types of illustrations/figures you will need and whether there are any special considerations in this regard.  If there are graphics/figures that will help to illustrate the integrated nature of your work and could serve as important summaries of various R2K research, the R2K office may be willing to help defray graphics charges and we could offer to have the WHOI Graphics group assist in preparing those.  But we need to know ASAP if you have any figures that require this special consideration and in general what might be involved.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of us or the Ridge 2000 Office.  If you see that we have left off any co-authors from this email please forward the message to them and let us know and we will add them to the blast list.  Thank you.

Best Regards,
Dan, Jim, Lauren, Maya and Stace

Ridge 2000 Office email:  Ridge 2000 <>