List of all Poster Abstracts for 2010 Meeting

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XuGXuInteraction of a hydrothermal plume with the ambient ocean as measured by acoustic scintillation and an integral model
WeeklyRWeeklyTermination of a decadal-scale ridge-spreading event observed using a seafloor seismic network on the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge
WanlessDWanlessMid-Ocean Ridge Dacites
SouleDDSouleEndeavour Integrated Studies Site: Distribution of fin whales above hydrothermal vent fields
RonaPRonaCabled Observatory Vent Imaging Sonar (COVIS) Connected to NEPTUNE Canada Cabled Observatory
LinTLinIron respiration as a common endolithic metabolism among hyperthermophiles in mildly reducing hydrothermal vents
JamiesonJJamiesonAge of the Endeavour Vent Field
HowellJHowellChanges in the formation of axial volcanic edifices in response to changes in magma supply rate
FiskMFiskBasalt mineral oxidation by ocean crust bacteria (Scientific Program ISME-13, Seattle, USA, 22-27 August 2010)
FaroughAFaroughPreliminary model of hydrothermal circulation at East Pacific Rise 9°50 N constrained by thermal, chemical, and seismic data
DreyerBDreyerUranium-series disequilibria of inflated sections of the Juan de Fuca Ridge: Implications for mantle melting
CooperCStamEvaluation of the Molecular Diversity of samples collected using a Hydrothermal Vent Biosampler
BourbonnaisABourbonnaisDenitrication as the dominant N-elimination process in hydrothermal vents of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, North-East Pacific Ocean
BeaulieusbeaulieuGlobal distribution of hydrothermal vent fields
AnantharamanKAnantharamanGenomic insights into deep-sea hydrothermal plumes